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New Year, New You!

A New Year is a fresh start to review your life (personal or professional) and see where/who you are and where/who you want to be. While you may already have your personal resolutions, try incorporating some work place goals to round out your newly optimistic lifestyle.

Before you get started, a good goal or resolution should consist of SMART properties:

·         Specific or; significant, stretching
·         Measurable or; meaningful, motivational
·         Attainable or; achievable, acceptable, action-oriented
·         Realistic or; relevant, reasonable, rewarding, results-oriented
·         Time-based or; time-bound, timely, tangible, trackable

Ideas to get you started:
  1. Delegate More - There's nothing wrong with working hard and having control, but remember that the people around you are capable too. You may learn something new and the extra time will allow you to focus on other projects.
  2. Eat Healthier at Work - It is important to develop healthy eating habits at work because on an average, we all spend more than 65% of our day at the workplace. The eating patterns that we develop during this larger portion of the day affects the way we function for the rest of the day. 
  3. Step Out of Your Professional Comfort Zone - We all reach that point in our careers where we want to hold on to the safe zone; it is important to know when to stop that and start taking smaller risks. Constantly challenging yourself helps you build confidence and helps you communicate your point across easily. 
  4. Join a New Club or Organization - Is there an organization that could help you grow professionally? There is a group for almost everything - industry specific organizations, or more general groups to help you with networking, leadership or public speaking skills. Whatever you hope to improve, there are likely others that share a common interest. 
  5. Put your Smart Phone Away - Believe it or not, smartphones affect our workplace productivity in a bad way. While we are just one click away from everything, this culture of always staying online distracts employees at the workplace more than they can imagine. Keeping your mobile phone away will keep you from getting distracted and allows you to put your maximum focus into your work. 
  6. Take Breaks - A short walk outside can do wonders for your mind. Even when you're busy, it is important to take a few minutes for yourself. It's tempting to work through lunch but taking short breaks can actually increase your productivity. 
  7. Learn a New Skill - If there's something new you've wanted to learn, there's no time like the present. Sign up for lessons or take a class at a community college. Watch podcasts. Volunteer at local shelter. Set aside time to challenge yourself. 
  8. Establish Boundaries - Workplace balance is one of the most underrated issues that employees face day to day. Define what your priorities are and how many hours a week you can give it. It can be really hard to find balance in the beginning but with practice you can eventually learn to draw the line between work time and personal time. 
  9. Find a Passion Beyond Work - Everyone needs a passion that is not related to work, career, success, goals and plans, etc. You can volunteer for a cause, learn a musical instrument or take some time out for your hobbies. This will help your brain relax after those long stressful work hours.  
  10. Prioritize Your Mental Health - Being aware of your mental health habits and triggers can help you set your goals for the year ahead. What do you need to start/stop/continue to enable you thrive this year? 
Whatever your resolutions or goals may be, don't forget to celebrate your small victories. If you stumble, just get back on track and make the most of 2019!


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