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2019 NAEOP PSP/CEOE Recipients

Congratulations to all the 2019 NAEOP PSP/CEOE Recipients!

The National Association of Educational Office Professionals (NAEOP) provides the opportunity for members to enhance their professional competencies through academic programs, conferences, and institutes. These incentive activities enable the members to take progressive steps to their desired professional growth level. The Professional Standards Program is the only national certification program for educational office professionals.
The continuing education of educational office professionals is essential to cope with rapidly changing conditions in the profession and in the field of education. It is NAEOP's hope that you will encourage others among your staff to participate in the Professional Standards Program.
2019 Professional Standard Program Recognitions Billie Garlin - Basic, Option IKimberly Rhoades - Basic, Option IKimberly Schneider - Advanced II, Option IElizabeth Ward-Robertson - Advanced II, Option ISarah Rico, CEO…

2019 NAEOP Jackie Evans Distinguished Service Award

Congratulations to Wendy Heslink, CEOE,  from the Hamburg Central School District in Hamburg, New York,  on being selected as the  2019 Jackie Evans Distinguished Service Award recipient! 

The Jackie Evans Distinguished Service Award is to recognize individuals who have provided sustained, non-compensated, and significant volunteer service to NAEOP and its members along with:
Demonstrated exceptional abilities and leadership performanceAdvanced and/or enhanced the professional standing of educational office professionals Significantly improved or elevated the standards of any of the programs of the National Association of Educational Office ProfessionalsDemonstrated professionalism, courage, determination and achievement in the performance of the responsibilities assigned to them by the Association or volunteered by the individualThe intent of this award is to honor those with long-standing histories of providing "extraordinary" services to NAEOP and further the goals and mission…

Picture the Possibilities!

I hope this year’s theme, “Picture the Possibilities,” will help you develop your skills to a higher level, expand your horizon, broaden your perspective to a panoramic view, and shift your focus to a higher resolution.  NAEOP has so much to offer educational office professionals sometimes it may seem a little overwhelming. Let’s go over ten steps that may help YOU picture the possibilities:
Step 1.  Check Your NAEOP View – Look through the viewfinder or LCD screen of a camera (or take a selfie) and explore your NAEOP identity. Find out who you really are. Success depends upon self-awareness. Do you want to join a NAEOP committee? Do you want to enroll in the PSP and get your CEOE? Do you want to be a NAEOP board member? 
Step 2.  Create Your NAEOP Vision for this year - Create a clear vivid picture of what you want and fix your mental and emotional eyes on that picture. Let it become your vision. A well-defined vision enables you to make meaningful, realistic goals for your professiona…

2019-2020 NAEOP Webinar Series

Click here for more information!

Happy Administrative Professionals Week!

Administrative Professionals Week: April 21 - 27, 2019 Administrative Professionals Day: Wednesday, April 24, 2019
Administrative Professionals are very important roles as they are the backbone of the office and complete work that is often unseen. Though these positions may not be glamorous, be proud of the work you do and the skills/knowledge you bring to your organization. You are far more important and valuable than you may think!
During World War II, there was a shortage of skilled administrative professionals, and so the National Secretaries Association was formed. The organization has since changed its name to the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) in order to recognize their contributions to the economy and attract more workers to the field.
In 1952, 10 years after the organization began, U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Charles W. Sawyer, initiated the first celebration of administrative professionals. While these positions are often not given their due pr…

Spring Clean Your Workspace

It’s that time of year again to tackle your spring cleaning so why not organize the space you spend most of your time at… your desk! After the effect winter can have on you emotionally, mentally and physically, it is a good idea to clear your space while you clear your mind. Organizing your desk does not have to be tedious so here are 8 simple steps in order to accomplish this dirty task: 

1. Declutter
First, throw away your trash. Go through everything in your space. Empty out drawers, shelves and any other nook or cranny that you may have been storing with old, outdated files. Ask yourself a few questions:Do I use this regularly?Do I need this?Is this necessary for my job?If you answered "no" to these questions, throw it away. You don't need irrelevant sticky notes and reminders, old to-do lists, unused phone numbers/email addresses, or past project/task details. They are taking up space and you will never need them again. You'll feel relieved and so much better once…

New Year, New You!

A New Year is a fresh start to review your life (personal or professional) and see where/who you are and where/who you want to be. While you may already have your personal resolutions, try incorporating some work place goals to round out your newly optimistic lifestyle.
Before you get started, a good goal or resolution should consist of SMART properties:
·Specific or; significant, stretching ·Measurable or; meaningful, motivational ·Attainable or; achievable, acceptable, action-oriented ·Realistic or; relevant, reasonable, rewarding, results-oriented ·Time-based or; time-bound, timely, tangible, trackable
Ideas to get you started: Delegate More - There's nothing wrong with working hard and having control, but remember that the people around you are capable too. You may learn something new and the extra time will allow you to focus on other projects.Eat Healthier at Work - It is important to develop healthy eating habits at work because on an average, we all spend more than 65% of our day …