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Congratulations PSP/CEOE Recipients!

Congratulations to the following PSP/CEOE recipients who met the May 15, 2018 deadline. Remember, the next PSP deadline is September 15! Check out this link to make sure you are Getting the Most Out of the PSP.

Jody Bailey     
Susan Buterin 
Joyce Dixon    
Wanda Fidler
Luz Franklin    
Jean Frey        
Lisa Hall, CEOE
Joyce Huffer   
Sally Laret
Vera Otero     
Cheryl Pierce
Kathi Pohll      
Tonya Quiett, CEOE   
Kate Robertson-Bartel
Haley Stephan
Lisa Young

Lorraine Kilby, CEOE
Kathryn Miller, CEOE
Kenton Miller, CEOE
Sarah Tierce, CEOE

Patricia Miguelez
Carolyn Schott
Kathleen Williams

Wendy Killen
Jane Lawrence, CEOE
Sherrie Reed
Lisa Rudolph, CEOE

JoAnn Boyd, CEOE

Susan Hampel

Corri Cannon
Ana LaBorde
Jennifer Lewis
Cindy Walker
Cory Williams, CEOE

Jennifer Greenlee
Barbara Homer
Shannon Cornell, CEOE
Mary Guest, CEOE
Kimberly Loth, CEOE
Lori Matthiessen
Donna Straight

New York
Karen Harris, CEOE
Karen Sinopoli
Bridget Stone, CEOE
Elizabeth Vazquez, CEOE
Kristin Youngs
Linda Gilbert, CEOE

North Carolina
Robin Stanley, CEOE
Shelia Stanley, CEOE
Magalene Woodie, CEOE
Charlotte Wright, CEOE

Lori Bulkoski, CEOE

Dawn Crossan, CEOE
Maria Drake, CEOE

South Carolina
Tamara Baldwin, CEOE
Yolanda Bradford, CEOE
Tina Dayberry
Dynissia Shavan Fulton, CEOE
Janet Garrison, CEOE
Kathy Goodell, CEOE
Melissa Hampton, CEOE
Anita Heyward, CEOE
Ruth James
Tanya Ouzts, CEOE
Lesa Failla, CEOE
Jill Ford, CEOE

Brenda Cupp
Annette Gilbert
Susan Goodson, CEOE
Yvonne Smeltzer
Dorthie Thompson

Janet Timberlake
Sandra Bullock-Lomax, CEOE
Ruth Greene, CEOE
Valerie Davis, CEOE
Malika Gray

Andrea Arnone
Sarah Benedict
Tamara Bengen, CEOE
Paula Jo Brave, CEOE
Miste Chandler, CEOE
Lichen Chien
Kerry Cole
Anamika Dwivedy
Roxanne Encheff
Evelyn Estrella
Lenore Faraone
Dawn Geffe
Teresa Hall
Lisa Hansen
Shannan Hayes
Becky Hitchcock, CEOE
Nancy Hodgin, CEOE
Selina Jackson
Pamela Jones, CEOE
Oksana Krumm
Brenda Lindsey, CEOE
Sarah Lowe
Jessica Mayabb, CEOE
Stacey McCue
Sherilyn McGraw, CEOE
Anna Miyatake
Yukiko Ono
Beth Orr
Deirdre Palmer
Marie-Lynne Plante, CEOE
Karen Rang
Dawn Rosner
Janice Runner
Fathima Salay
Tiffany Savoy-Virdell
Sally Schlegel
Vijaya Shanmugam
Barbara Sires, CEOE
Amy Smith
Lidia Sukhaya
Esther Tate
Tina Tran
Hope Wills
Kristi Wilkinson, CEOE
Debbie Wiseman
Camille Zielinski


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