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Lost Barns - Lost Opportunities

Lost Barns – Lost Opportunities By Katherine G. H. Reichley, CEOE
This past summer I saw a handful of barns in our area come down.  It made my heart sad to see these majestic buildings originally built to support the work and life of farmers reduced to rubble.  So why did these grand storage facilities for animals, grain, and sometimes people all of a sudden become useless?  Although I have no way of knowing for sure, I can guess it is because they were too run down to support the workload or they were no longer needed.  With a slight twist in wording, these might be similar responses we have heard as decisions are made in our schools to reduce the work force or promote one person over another.
So how do we keep from becoming obsolete and insignificant so we can stay on the promotion list instead of the reduction pile?  My suggestion starts with the following two words:  professional development.  And, I am defining this in the broadest sense possible including reading on your own, wa…