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Congratulations PSP/CEOE Recipients - Next PSP Deadline is September 15, 2017

The following NAEOP members walked across the stage to be recognized at the 2017 NAEOP Conference in Greenville, SC.

Janet Altmann, CEOE (MO)
Joann Alvin, CEOE (SC)
Robin Barnes, CEOE (VA)
Lori Black, CEOE (SC)
Amy Chandler, CEOE (NE)
E. Annette Cline (SC)
Judy Cooper, CEOE (SC)
Teresa Craft (DE)
Andrea Curtin, CEOE (UT)
Robyn Dawson, CEOE (SC)
E. Lorraine Gardner, CEOE (SC)
Deborah (Tina) Gregory (SC)
Mackenzie Hahn, CEOE (NE)
Jennifer Hedrick, CEOE (SC)
Beth Jennings, CEOE (SC)
Tammy Johnson, CEOE (VA)
Robyn Lade, CEOE (NE)
Alice Leeper, CEOE (SC)
Samantha Lewis, CEOE (SC)
Tracy Martin, CEOE (SC)
Vermelle McCrea, CEOE (SC)
Angela McDowell, CEOE (SC)
Sharon Mena, CEOE (TX)
Mary Meyers, CEOE (UT)
Angela Middleton, CEOE (AR)
Deirdre Milakovich, CEOE (SC)
Darlene Montgomery, CEOE (SC)
Earnestine Moultrie, CEOE (SC)
Linda Nelson Advanced III, Option I CEOE SC
Debra Nordquist (ID)
Cheryl Parker-McLane (WA)
Debbie Passi, CEOE (WA)
Joann Penner, CEOE (NC)
Rachel Phelps, CEOE (SC)
Terence Pittman, CEOE (NC)
Becky Rock, CEOE (NE)
Jane Schneider, CEOE (NE)
Michelle Scott, CEOE (SC)
Brenda Spieker, CEOE (NE)
Naomi Strada, CEOE (VT)
Sylvia Sullivan, CEOE (SC)
Naturiel Syrkes, CEOE (VA)
Charlene Thomas, CEOE (VA)
Barbara Thompson, CEOE (SC)
Renee Thompson (SC)
April Turner, CEOE (SC)
Denise Washington, CEOE (SC)
Shelia Washington, CEOE (SC)
Brian Weston, CEOE (SC)
Cory Williams (MS)
Delores Williams, CEOE (SC)
Melody Wise Butler, CEOE (SC)


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