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Getting the Most Out of the Professional Standards Program (PSP)

Congratulations to the NAEOP members who recently completed the requirements for PSP/CEOE qualification and/or recertification. Earning a specialty credential is an important achievement in your career. Now, the next step is to promote your achievement and credential to your employer, colleagues and friends.

·        Update your resume to include your new credentials and submit it to your human resources department.
·        Request a copy of your certificate be included in your personnel file.
·        Send a press release to local media.
·        Let your co-workers know what it means to be certified.
·        Have some key points available to explain what professional certification means and what value it holds.
·        Request to be recognized at the next department/faculty/school board meeting or public event.
·        Place your credentials on your name tag and desk name plate if possible. You'll be surprised how many people ask, "What does CEOE stand for?"
·        Frame your certificate and display it prominently.
·         Discuss your achievement with your direct supervisor and outline the value of earning certification.

Click here for more information on PSP.


  1. That's a lot of nationally certified educational office professionals, right?

    1. Hello Jill,

      Yes Carrie Lucas, CEOE, Evelyn Bowens, CEOE & Terence Pittman, CEOE.

  2. Wow...congratulations to all recipients.


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