Friday, May 26, 2017

Getting the Most Out of the Professional Standards Program (PSP)

Congratulations to the 192 NAEOP members who met the May 15, 2016 deadline and completed the requirements for PSP/CEOE qualification and/or recertification. Earning a specialty credential is an important achievement in your career. Now, the next step is to promote your achievement and credential to your employer, colleagues and friends.

·        Update your resume to include your new credentials and submit it to your human resources department.
·        Request a copy of your certificate be included in your personnel file.
·        Send a press release to local media.
·        Let your co-workers know what it means to be certified.
·        Have some key points available to explain what professional certification means and what value it holds.
·        Request to be recognized at the next department/faculty/school board meeting or public event.
·        Place your credentials on your name tag and desk name plate if possible. You'll be surprised how many people ask, "What does CEOE stand for?"
·        Frame your certificate and display it prominently.
·         Discuss your achievement with your direct supervisor and outline the value of earning certification.

Click here for more information on PSP.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Mom: Knitted Blessings

In this season of celebrating mothers, I want to tell you about one special gift my mother shares with people.  My mother learned how to knit when she was young and over the years she even taught other people to knit, including me.  These days she spends most of her time knitting.  My mother has Alzheimer’s so she relies on my dad to remember their plans for the day, take care of meals, and so much more.  One thing my mother remembers without fail is how to knit.  She can make three or four scarves in one day provided they are not too busy running errands or going to appointments.

She gives boxes of scarves away to the local food pantry as well as children’s ministries in their area, and I have even brought dozens of them back to my church.  In Michigan where she lives and in Ohio where I am, warm scarves are an important item for the winter season.  She gladly knits and even more delightedly shares her knitting with others by giving them away.  I have started searching for yarn at thrift stores and shopping the sales to add to her collection.  Holiday and birthday gift giving has become easy in many ways.

So how does this translate into something we can use in our schools?  Is there a nursing home near your school or a retirement facility within your district?  Do retirees have a gathering place near your institution?  Perhaps you can make a connection with those agencies to share the needs you have and discuss ways you can work together to help your students.  They might have a handful of people who could knit or crochet scarves for your students.  Maybe the school could do a yarn drive or collect other kinds of supplies (fleece fabric, knitting needles, etc.) for the residents to make items for the students.  This could be another good way to connect our schools with our communities.

--Katherine Reichley, CEOE
NAEOP Secretary/Treasurer

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Elverda J. “Butch” Bender Educational Reimbursement Incentive

Need financial assistance to attend the 2017 NAEOP Conference? Apply for NAEOP’s Educational Foundation reimbursement incentive today. Go to the Members Only page at and follow the application instructions. Application deadline is June 5, 2017. 

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Get Connected with Social Media

Social media is a vital tool for every educational office professional. Social media  sites can enhance your networking abilities, and provide valuable industry news, professional information and career resources. NAEOP currently offers different social media sites to include Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and a Blog. 

The NAEOP Twitter site was very popular during the 2016 NAEOP Conference #NAEOPConf16. NAEOP started this year's conference with a Twitter competition. Congratulations Lisa Gonzalez (Texas) for receiving $100 off next year's conference registration and Georgette Council (South Carolina) for receiving a 2017 NAEOP Conference Padfolio. 

Not all social media sites are right for everyone so learn about each one and take it one step at a time. What is your favorite NAEOP social media site? Is there a social media site you would like to see added to the current NAEOP social media platforms?